el otro debate

The other debate

Debate to 4 of last Monday was not just an achievement of political speeches and promises. There were also some moments that caught the attention of citizens and had great impact, especially on social networks that we can call the other debate. Here, using the facial emotion recognition technique of Emotion Research Lab, we analyzed three of the most tense moments of the debate.

One of the most talked about moments during the debate and subsequently, was the indiscreet and direct question did by Vicente Vallés, moderator proposed by Atresmedia, toward the current president. “You said you will not cut back anything after the elections on June 26th if you still President,it is what you has promised four and a half years ago”, said the moderator. At that point, the camera focused Rajoy totally AMAZED by that question that was unanswered few seconds and he refused, to the surprise of all, have made cutbacks in his mandate.

Another of the most talked about moments in social networks was the constant attempt to Pablo Iglesias to lay his hand to PSOE for a future post electoral pact to form government. Unidos Podemos leader explained clearly, he just pact with the Socialist Party but Pedro Sánchez did not have the same attitude. On several occasions he rebuked and there, Iglesias whispered to him to change his opponent and focus on Partido Popular and not in it. Sánchez continued his speech against the party of Iglesias but every time he listened to Iglesias tell him that his rival was not him and that he was mistaken, the socialist leader conveyed AMAZEMENT and ANXIETY.

One of the most classic friction between the two new parties, Ciudadanos and Unidos Podemos, is the alleged funding from regimes such as Venezuela to Pablo Iglesias political party. Iglesias showed RAGE, PANIC and TREASON when Rivera accused him of a serious crime, however, it has been filed by the Supreme Court as Iglesias reminded to the leader of Ciudadanos.

Tension at certain times of the debate is a common occurrence among candidates and occasions like this, make the discussion contains anecdotes that will be remembered throughout time.