Retail: The challenge of emotional connection


World Retail Congress held last week in Rome made it clear that the old technology no longer serve to meet objectives. It is becoming more and more expensive to get a sale even every day thousands of people pass in front of our window or even enter into our business. Open an online store is a help but according Oskar Hartmann, founder and president of KupVip Group, this does not add too much at the time to reduce costs. Although the number of clients increases, logistics costs reduced margins .

It is becoming more expensive to get a sale

How retail can meet this challenge?

Retail: The challenge of emotional connection

Increasingly brands are committed to creating experiences that surprise potential customers, create connection , provide personalized service to give him what he wants and desires. Get the coveted “WOW effect”.


Customers want to feel an emotional connection in the interaction with products


Bang&Olufsen, for example, been studied for 4 years how their customers perceive their brand in their stores to implement changes to allow him to reconnect with them. According to Johannes Torpe, Creative Director of Bang&Olufsen, they concluded that their customers wanted to feel an emotional connection in interaction with their products, seeking simplicity but also beauty, a magical feeling.

How to ensure an emotional experience in my store?

Surely, this is the question you’re asking you if you get here. Probably in your business you have installed a quality or loyalty system that lets you know your customers, your experience with your service, your satisfaction. This information is always useful. However, these surveys often do not report what the customer really wants but what the seller wants to find out. Even let the customer express or write freely, not get to really know what it felt like to see our flagship product, in the first second, to go in and find out. How to capture that moment, that emotion? How to get that instant expression that can be decisive to serve you as they really want? This is where neuromarketing techonology and Emotion Research Lab comes into play. A tool that provides real-time data about the emotions that your potential customers are feeling when they walk through your store or mall.

How I can apply neuromarketing in my store?

Making neuromarketing campaigns in your store to generate memorable experiences is much easier than you think. Apply emotional retail. By measuring the emotions that you get with the Emotion Research Lab technology you can transform the feelings that your customers live: change the lights in your window according to your mood, various music, scent, digital signage… Surprise them with excitement and get their memory. What do you think? Do you have already designed your marketing campaign sensory? Well, wait, do not leap yet, do you have data that you guarantee success?

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