Political Communication World Summit 2014

We are pleased to announce the workshop by María Pocoví, Emotion Research Lab CEO, offered in the Worldwide Political Communication Summit which this year takes place in our beloved Mexico DF. The city where lie large companies and recognized advisers that from the beginning have relied on our services and technology to provide a different and distinctive methodology when making advice policy.


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María’s talk will take place on December 4th, as it is indicated on the agenda of the event at 7pm and as you can see in the picture above. Its title is “Microexpressions that cost votes. “Facial Coding & Neuropolitics”.

The title is really suggestive, but we still want to give you an advance on the issues María will talk. Among the most interesting topics, María presented as scoop our particular analysis about Francisco Nicolás statements, better known as “El pequeño Nicolás”, who has came to everyone’s notice, unveiling our more objective credibility report credibility judging by emotions that Nicholas express in his most controversial interview.

On the other hand, María will explain, through an investigation last November was held after the last barometer of the CIS, the rise of Pablo Iglesias and his party, Podemos, and his position in leadership from the current Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and from the main opposition leader, the General Secretary of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez.

Thanks to Paralelo Cero and Hilton Hotel for the organization of this valuable meeting that, without any doubt, it will be unforgettable for everyone.

You can take a look to others talks here:

We wish you a happy Summit!

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