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INSIDE OUT: deciphering the emotions of a emotions movie trailer

Movie trailer as emotional stimulus

I had the opportunity to see “Inside out”,latest film by Disney Pixar, and the best according to critics, a few weeks ago on the flight from Madrid to Mexico City. No doubt emotions are fashionable and it is evident every day the need to understand, measure and analyze emotions to understand a little more the complexity of the things we decided as human. I found great this way of bringing emotions to children, and to understand the emotions is a vital part of the learning process that takes us from children to adults. For me it is important that children approach to emotions and I feel great they can see this film.

But let’s now talk about marketing: “INSIDE OUT” speaks about emotions, and emotions were what Disney needed to attract public to theaters.

In the film industry get a good trailer that impact us is the basis for attracting viewers. So in Emotion Research Lab, we wanted to know how are the emotions of a movie trailer based precisely on that, emotions.



Facial Coding, tecnology that inspires Inside out movie

In Emotion Research Lab, we are specialists in Facial Coding, technology that has served as a scientific basis for the film. Director Pete Docter consulted with Dr. Paul Ekman, creator of Facial Coding, basic emotions that should be represented. Coincidentally or not, the title of the film is reminiscent of 2003 Ekman book, “Emotions inside out “.


So we submitted children between 6 and 10 years and adults aged 40 to 67 to our Facial Coding test to see who was more attracted to the film seeing the trailer they promoted. You can see a part of the test video on our You Tube channel.


Registered emotions by Emotion Research Lab technology were:

grafico-activacion-emocional grafico-emociones grafico-enjoyment


Traditionally, promotions and trailers of children’s entertainment are aimed to conquer the hearts of children who will then literally throw their parents to go watch the movie. But Inside Out trailer although generates high emotional arousal in both children and adults; adults recorded 6 times more feeling of enjoyment than children.

Adults enjoyed 6 times more than children

Disney Pixar turned upside down traditional commercial strategy of children’s entertainment. Parents are pulling their kids to go watch “Inside Out”. Really think it, who proposed to watch the movie, you or your children? I bet that a large majority of cases, there was a boost by adults at home.

María Pocoví


Emotion Research Lab CEO