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VII World Summit of Political Communication is marked by the victory of El Bronco and his peculiar strategy.

Now back to the office, we are pleased to tell you the experience that meant attending to WSPC 2015 (World Summit of Political Communication) held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, on 25, 26 and 27 June.

If there is anything to emphasize  from this VII Summit, it is the electoral success of Jaime Rodriguez, alias “El Bronco”, elected governor of Nuevo León, México. His testimony marked the experience of all those who attended to it, because he delighted us in the opening day with his experiences on the phenomenon that marked his victory, a victory that supposed a before and an after in the political system and parties in the United States of Mexico.

Jaime Rodriguez, El Bronco, will go down in history for being the first independent candidate to win a governorship in Mexico. This fact is the result of a strategy that broke all the traditional schemes of an election campaign. It marked the spirit of the other presentations that were held at the Summit, in which almost all the speakers made reference to what “El Bronco” and his creative team, who include the great Memo Rentería, shared with us in their speeches.

There are many factors behind the success of his campaign, including several key points that we often evaluate from ERL, wich I underline below:

  • Personal history
  • Charisma
  • Emotional message
  • A communication that wins voters hearts and allow them to break their mental block to other proposals that contradict their own principles.


We could say as hypothesis that the clear victory of “El Bronco” was because he dominated all those factors. Despite that, under his perspective everything was natural and spontaneous.This “theory” is supported by the fact known as‘broncomanía’, perceived as a citizen tide in favor of his candidacy, in which the bases didn’t seem to persuade the electorate, but was a clear grassroots strategy.

Beyond the great privilege of seeing in first hand this event, the rest of conferences were enriching too, considering that a new thematic area, youth and politics, was opened.

In my case, I was able to expose the last service we provide in Emotion Research LAB at neuropolitics line, consisting of New Workouts to Make an Emotional Difference in Debates. In this intervention we wanted to share with the audience the role of each emotion that politicians express in the presentation of their speeches or messages, and what it means in the auditorium reaction, which is intrinsically linked to the election result. It was also explained how to carry these trainings out with the algorithms of facial emotion recognition, the same that allow us to do a scientific, objective and precise emotional expression analysis of the politician.

Here some photos from the event:


Cumbre Independiente         Bárbara Aucejo Devís

votante emocional       Expectativas de la Cumbre

Our conclusion from this trip is that touching the voter’s heart is becoming more and more important; politicians and advisers no longer doubt that citizens, in their capacity as voters are not moving by reason and logic cost-effective, but by subconscious reactions that determine their final decision; therefore we are very proud to have contributed to this Summit showing that there exist methodologies wich are able to evaluate these subconscious reactions and turning emotions into a differential asset in an electoral campaign.

See you at Lima!!!



Bárbara Aucejo Devís

Research Director in Emotion Research LAB